Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear

Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear

Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear - A maturing exertion that offers some more than initial introductions may propose. The X-Trail isn't especially unique or energizing, it simply does what it does extremely generally in fact. The designing feels robust enough and it'll joyfully get its wheels dingy if you wish to withdraw from edified streets. Anyway it is presently rather old and appears a bit disliked now Nissan has moved its consideration regarding more up to date, shinier stuff, for example, the Qashqai and Juke. Disgrace, there's life in this old canine yet.

Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear


It's an anticipated story ready for. Swoop headlong into open streets and, in standard two-wheel drive setting, the Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear pokes towards regular and controllable understeer Auto 4wd mode captivates more wheels and hostile to slip deceit for enhanced grasp in oily conditions, so its to a great extent beyond any doubt footed. Notwithstanding the substantial underpinnings and powerful suspension, the X-Trail rides easily, splashing up the knocks and remaining to a great extent free of the lollopy body move that can agitate autos of this size.

In general its refined enough, yet could do with somewhat more clean, if to stop wind clamor inching into the lodge (however that is likely because of its un- air motion facilitating box face). Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear There's a couple of diesel motors, which have enhanced the X-Trail execution details contrasted with the last model, yet they still don't break 45mpg and hence linger somewhat behind cleaner rivals. They're both 2.2-liters yet one eeks out an additional 23bhp – 150 versus 173bhp – which is well worth the additional speculation, in light of the fact that its additionally more productive.

Nissan X Trail 2014 Review


Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear isn't attempting to trick anybody that the X-Trail is a premium SUV, and its all truly essential in here. Having said that, its assembled well and ready to persist through more discipline than some plusher, way of life adversaries. Its square profile won't win any outline honors, however the flipside is heaps of space inside. There's liberal headroom and spots to put stuff including two sizeable compartments under mystery trapdoors in the boot floor. Acenta trim provides for you the right unit at the right cash.


You shouldn't have an excess of unwavering quality shortfalls – the Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear feels as powerful as it looks. Be that as it may for an average size diesel SUV running expenses are worryingly high, and beaten by middleweight restriction fit as a fiddle of the Ford Kuga and VW Tiguan. Furthermore its not only the efficiency you ought to keep an eye on, its the Co2 yield, which directs what duty band it openings into. For the 150bhp adaptation its 188g/km, which implies a £250-a-year cost for the circle in the window. Also its not like you'll recover enormous pieces of that at the pumps either

Top Gear trump card

Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear In case you're into the thought of a rural wilderness romper and not worried about amenities, there's dependably the Land Rover. Think about the new Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear as a beefed-up Qashqai and you'll be about right  They have the same stage and the family similarity is self-evident. Anyway stop them side by side and the X Trail comes up higher and more, a piece of information to the discretionary third column of seats slinking in the boot. So its a seven-seater, which implies it additionally takes the spot of the Qashqai +2. Nissan could, indeed, have marked it as an oversized Qashqai - such are the similitudes between the two - yet chose the X-Trail brand was still solid enough to conduct itself.

So would it say it is tough, in the same way as the old one?

The cordial Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear gave careful consideration to design. It was boxy and strong and would joyfully sloppy its boots sometimes. At the same time it was the final one of Nissan's customary Suvs, before the Japanese firm started the between reproducing that offered ascent to the hybrid.

This time around, then, somebody has tried to style the X-Trail with various kinds of dips and bends that assistance to camouflage its size and provide for it a more auto like appearance. However underneath all that its still basically a huge and helpful SUV. Also - when fitted with the discretionary, low maintenance four-wheel-drive framework - its still a bit off-roady.

How enormous and helpful, precisely?

Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear In spite of the new looks, the stress here is still on common sense and handiness, as opposed to faked liveliness. Great. The discretionary third column of seats will cost you £700, and even adults would deal with a short excursion again there. Given that the X-Trail's all-new stage is longer than some time recently, it bodes well for stick an additional line in the boot.

What's more the newly discovered length and wheelbase implies the Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear escapes with its new bends, which don't consume excessively into inside space. The boot floor flips and folds into nine separate positions and, underneath it, there's a reward stockpiling zone. All seats overlay level. The center line leans back, parts and slides. What's more if you have to transport a 2.5-meter-long board, you're in good fortune.

Also how off-roady, precisely?

Like such a large number of hybrids, this is truly a street auto with somewhat harsh street ability. The Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear discretionary ALL MODE 4x4-i framework costs £1,700, yet at the same time lives up to expectations for the most part in two-wheel-drive until the back pivot is called for.

At the same time unless the street is especially oily, frigid, sandy or sloppy, that won't happen again and again. At huge, courageous velocities it may captivate 4wd to help you around a corner, yet who's going that quick in a X-Trail? Not us. That is the reason 2wd drive variants will represent most deals, and that appears to be about right. Of course, on the off chance that you live in a range with especially frigid winters, the 4wd could prove to be useful. For most, 2wd is fine.

Does it drive well?

The new Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear a helpful 90kg lighter than some time recently, so that makes a difference. The 1.6-liter diesel - the main motor accessible until a petrol touches base in 2015 - is sufficient and tame. The guiding is exact and light, however else its pleasingly unsporty. There's multilink back suspension and new electronic undercarriage control frameworks, one of which spots the brakes to stop the auto bobbling around over rapid knocks. It splashes up the street rather well.

The Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear is made and agreeable and appears to be more intrigued by a smooth adventure than senseless cornering rates, in spite of the fact that it doesn't altogether humiliate itself in case you're in an energetic mind-set.

What about within?

Out go the shabby plastics and uninspired dash of the old Nissan X Trail 2014 Review Top Gear. In come a lot of people new surfaces and piano-blacks and different things you'll need to clean to keep glossy. There's nothing excessively exceptional or innovative in here, yet its a respectable spot to be. Scale the spec step and you'll even discover a touchscreen with fitting Google integration that connections with the nav and different frameworks. All models  even the £22,995, section level Visia  have air-con, amalgams, Leds, a five inch screen between the dials, Bluetooth, journey control and slope begin help. The promoting office must have been in a liberal mind-set...

Should I purchase one?

Maybe the most engaging thing about the X-Trail is its trustworthiness. Okay, perhaps the name is a slight misnomer, yet else its a straight-up exertion that looks really great, drives well and serves up much reasonableness. In the event that you don't need the 4wd, it doesn't foist it upon you. In the event that you do, basically tick that case.

The X-Trail is OK quality, and - with the exception of dull Mpvs - there truly isn't much else for this cash, or of this size, with that third column of seats. Presently everything you need is some individuals to fill 'em.


1598cc, 4cyl diesel, 2wd, 6-spd manual

128bhp @ 4,000rpm

236lb ft @ 1,750rpm

0-62mph 10.5secs, 117mph max

57.6mpg, 129g/km